In the new version 4.0 we finelly got rid from the official Pinterest API! Why? Because Pinterest since spring 2018 has strickted rate limits for unproved developers apps what has had made a using of the plugin more problematic. So, now we are releasing the new version with an API from a talented developer @seregazhuk. @seregazhuk, if you are reading that, we would appreciate a nice feedback from you too 🙂

Now you don’t need to create an app any more and look for api keys. Instead you can use your Pinterest login and password for to set up the plugin.

All other things in the plugin are mostly the same. Since v.3.0 the plugin has been allowing to customize images for pins, e.g. to attach special images which would be posted to Pinterest (%pinterest_img% shortcode) in addition to standard featured image.


  • Automatic posting to Pinterest
  • Multi boards allowed
  • Multi queues and schedules
  • Smart posts filter which adds new publications to queues automatically
  • Pin and rich pin templates
  • Highly customizable schedules with settings for special weekdays, dates and times
  • Access by user login and password, no app creation required
  • Special pins images settings

See the item on CodeCanyon. A documentation you can download here.

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