How to get a quick traffic from Pinterest?

Pinterest is a good choice for websites owners which would like to get a big traffic quickly. A life cycle of an average pin is more than one month, and for popular pins even longer. More your content is popular on Pinterest, bigger traffic from that you get. Learn how to create interesting and relevant content, which “wows” users.

How to be a popular pinner?

Pinterest allows to get a huge traffic to your website, promote your brand, share your ideas and sell your production. More followers you have on Pinterest, better for you. Learn how to come to a leader in your niche.

Is Pinterest good for online marketing?

Why is Pinterest good for marketing?

Pinterest is an extremely good marketing tool. About 70% of its customers use the service for to look for an idea what to buy.

It attracts people with visual content and it allows to track very special interests of your audience. The life cycle of a pin lasts more than one month (compare with something like 8-hours tweet). It allows to create several times more traffic, than other popular social networks.

How to make a popular pin on Pinterest?

Pinterest allows to attract potential customers by visual content. Better a content is, more attention it gets. Learn how to put your pins to the top of search results by creating a qualitet content.

How to bulk uploading to Pinterest?

How to bulk upload tens of thousands of items on Pinterest?

Pinterest is quite good for visual marketing. More items you have pinned on Pinterest, better you chances to attract customers.

But uploading of a big amount of items can make too much work. Otherwise, simultaneous uploading can make your account detected as suspended. Our plugin Lemonade Social Networks Autoposter Pinterest for WordPress makes everything you need to schedule your posts from WordPress to Pinterest boards.

Lemonade SNA: Pinterest

Lemonade SNA: Pinterest review

According to statistics, Pinterest is one of the most effective tools for online visual marketing. About 70% of customers look there for ideas what to buy. It also allows to present to potential customers a visual content which is more powerful for to call to an action than a long […] Read More